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Direct Océan

in a few words...

We are today the number 1 french importer of chilean salmon.


Located in Boulogne sur Mer, 1st French Fishing Port, the company has an ideal location between the commercial ports of Dunkirk and Le Havre.

The Boulogne sur Mer Maritime Station is a real asset for our national and international logistics.


In Chile, our Puerto Varas office oversees our purchasing operations as well as direct sales outside Europe.


For 40 years, fresh or frozen salmon has been the raison d'être of Direct Océan. Wild or farmed, this fish remains and will always be the heart of the activity of our company. Our passion, "Salmon in all its forms" in order to respond to any specific request from our customers.

Some numbers...

Created in 1980.

In 2015, Freshpack from Boulogne-sur-Mer acquired a stake of the company, partnering with Sebastian Roussel.

Our company today

specialised in salmon, we commercialise the fish in all its origins and forms.  

2019: 13,000 tonnes

80%: Salmon

20%: Other species

Salmon : Chile, China, Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Feroe, Alaska, Ireland, Canada

Other fish : Indonesia, Sri Lanka, France, Vietnam ...

35% Industry

30% RHF

25% GMS

10% Large Export

Satisfy our customers by offering them

"Custom Salmon"!







The map

Our main supply areas.

Processing plant for farm salmon

Processing plant for wild salmon

Our Products

A range of fresh and frozen products.



A Quality team at the service of our customers.


At Direct Océan, whether in France, Chile or Asia, our quality managers support and support our Purchasing team in the selection and monitoring of their suppliers.


The annual visits to our partners are regularly accompanied by an audit of the production sites.


The quality controls of the products purchased are systematic upon loading or upon arrival.


In 2019, Direct Océan launched an IFS Broker certification process. This certification will provide additional recognition for the food safety of the products that Direct Océan sells to its customers.


At Direct Océan Océan, Quality is not an empty word, it is an integral part of the product sold.

Boulogne sur Mer



"The success of Direct Océan, we owe it to our team, to our customers and of course to our suppliers .


I especially thank our customers who every day push us towards new challenges and force us to constantly question ourselves.


T movement and discovery characterize Direct Ocean. Our many trips to France and abroad, our participation in major international fairs, our insatiable curiosity about everything related to seafood, feed our knowledge to better meet the needs of our customers.


As long as this curiosity inspires us, with the confidence of our customers and our suppliers, Direct Océan will remain the leader in its market . "

Sébastien Roussel - Managing Director


Our team

The French commercial team

Sébastien ROUSSEL
Directeur général
Céline COLIN
frozen depart.
frozen depart.
Nicolas SPANOS
frozen depart.
Frédérique OLIVIER
fresh depart.
fresh depart.
fresh depart.
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L'équipe chilienne

Sarah FORT
frozen depart.
frozen depart.
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Direct Océan

1 Rue Nicolas Appert,

62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer

Phone : 03 21 83 48 58

Fax : 03 21 31 42 34

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